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Memo pads available

KawaiiPie Banner

Now accepting PayPal

San-X Papa Panda Memo Pad
                    NZD  $10


Happy Dental Memo Pad
              NZD $10

Monkey Pirates Memo pad

Kamio Monkey Pirate Memo Pad
               NZD $10


Animal Land Concert Memo pad
                  NZD $10


Q-Lia Ponet Room Split Memo pad
                NZD  $10


San-X Sweet Harmony Triple Memo pad
                  NZD  $10

The Story House Memo Pad
                 NZD $10

   Bento chan Memo pad

            NZD   $10

Onpucchi Concert Triple Memo pad
                     NZD  $10

Now accepting PayPal

ALL PRICES ARE IN New Zealand Dollars

email: kawaiipie_nz@yahoo.co.nz

Highlight goodies


SAN-X Mamegoma Pencil Covers                      NZD$10   (Top left)
CRUX SushiChan Pencil Covers                        NZD$10   (Top right)
SANRIO Pankunchi Panda Mini Envelope set  NZD$12   (Bottom left)
SANRIO Hello Kitty carry case for glasses       NZD $12   (Bottom right)

                            Hello Kitty Glass case

Feel free to discuss, share your kawaii love, or inquire about any kawaii products with us at kawaiipie_nz@yahoo.co.nz

Now accepting PayPal


Assorted Kawaii Sticker Flakes  (15 stickers for NZD $5 or 60 stickers for NZD $10)


email: kawaiipie_nz@yahoo.co.nz


Loose sheets available

*************************************10 sheets for $2**********************************************

We have more designs of loose sheets, and will add them soon!




     San-X Rilakkuma Mini Memo pad NZD $ 8 each

      email us: kawaiipie_nz@yahoo.co.nz
Kawaii Mini Memo pad assorted NZD $ 5 each

A. B.

C. D.

  C. is SOLD OUT


See more items on www.trademe.co.nz

email: kawaiipie_nz@yahoo.co.nz

Assorted items

San-X Wooden Pencils NZD $3 each
 Available designs:  Mamegoma & Wanwan Wanco             Hamster Erasers    NZD $5 (set)
Chef Kittens & Sweets sticker sheet  NZD $5/sheet               Natto Chan Christmas NZD $5/sheet                          
  Sanrio Kurokuririn Sticker Sheet NZD $5/sheet                                                                    


Now accepting PayPalemail: kawaiipie_nz@yahoo.co.nz